LiveWave Antenna: The Future of TV Watching

Watch High-definition TV Channels Without Limits and for Free With the New LiveWave Antenna

Want to transform your daily TV watching experience? You should try LiveWave Antenna.

Cable TV used to be popular because it was easy, trendy, and it allows you to immediately see which channels are accessible. However, their subscription fees are rising to insane levels and not everyone can keep up. That’s why people are switching to more affordable alternatives. One of which are streaming services such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.

Streaming services are ideal for movie enthusiasts because they have a large digital collection of movies and TV shows. They’re also customizable and have no schedule. The downside is they can’t provide live TV programs like news, weather, and sports. For that, cord cutters turn to the next best alternative.

Digital antennas work the same way as traditional antennas. Except they’re smaller and don’t require as much fine-tuning. They are also allegedly “more effective” in picking up free TV channels. It’s the main selling point which allowed them to flood the market with countless models. Each promising to be the “latest antenna” with “extra special” cables and receivers capable of giving you the most number of channels.

Don’t be fooled though.

It’s true that a great number of TV channels are accessible for free without cable or satellite TV. But you don’t need “special” antennas to access them either. You can use just about any standard cable as an antenna and there are hundreds of them already built in your home. You just need to convert them with LiveWave Antenna.

What is LiveWave Antenna?

LiveWave Antenna is a completely modern plug-in antenna which converts the standard cables and wires in your home into a super antenna for a wider signal range. No special training or equipment required for set up. Just plug LiveWave Antenna and it instantly gives you access to TV channels broadcasted over-the-air for free.

It is designed after advanced military cover technology. LiveWave Antenna can provide powerful and reliable reception wherever and maintains sharp picture quality no matter the weather. It even supports full and uncompressed High-Definition broadcasts. All without Cable TV.

LiveWave Antenna is also a compact and durable device that can easily fit on the palm of your hand. You can install it anywhere in the house without worries. It’s built with a grounded circuit and doesn’t directly connect to live home wiring. LiveWave Antenna is 100% safe to use around kids and pets.

How Does LiveWave Antenna Work?

LiveWave Antenna receives TV broadcast signals from all directions and can recognize both VH and VL frequencies. Basically, it can work the same way as traditional and digital antennas. The key difference is that it doesn’t require you to purchase upgrades or “special cables”.

This plug-in antenna works by converting your home’s built-in electrical wiring into a super antenna and picking up broadcasts for your TV screen. All you really have to do is plug LiveWave Antenna to the screen of your choice, select it as your TV source, and you can immediately start channel surfing.

LiveWave Antenna is compatible with a wide range of screen types from LED, Smart, and even computer monitors.



You can get both standard and High-Definition broadcasts with LiveWave Antenna. Enjoy sharp and crisp picture quality every day no matter the weather. And don’t miss out on the latest shows and best programs live TV has to offer.


You don’t have to pay expensive cable bills every month. Get full access to hundreds of TV channels broadcasted over-the-air for free. No monthly fees or contracts required. Just unlimited and free TV access for life.


Setting up LiveWave Antenna is super easy that anyone can do it in less than a minute. You just need to plug it to your TV screen and to an electrical outlet. Then it instantly converts your home’s electrical wiring into a giant antenna.

Worried about being electrocuted? Don’t be. LiveWave Antenna works instantly and is 100% safe to use. It’s made with a grounded circuit and doesn’t connect directly to electrical wiring with live current So, it’s completely shock-free!


Connect LiveWave Antenna to your TV screen using the free inclusive cable cord.
Plug LiveWave Antenna directly to any electrical outlet to instantly convert your home’s live wiring into one giant TV antenna.
Scan for available channels then start watching your favorite TV shows and the latest TV news for free.

Hack Your Entertainment System

Get TV Channels in HD

No Monthly Fees Required

*LiveWave comes with a free cable cord


Hack Your Entertainment System

Get HD Channels

No Monthly Fees

*LiveWave comes with a free cable cord



Cutting the cord on your Cable TV can be scary when you’ve grown accustomed to having a solid channel list you can browse through. But for a hundred dollars a month, that luxury is simply too expensive.

Don’t worry though because there are literally hundreds of free channels readily accessible over-the-air. It’s impossible to run out of things to watch. What’s more is that they’re cable-free and subscription-free. You just need LiveWave Antenna.

It’s powerful, affordable, and a much better alternative to cable TV. With LiveWave Antenna, you won’t be required to pay heavy fees every month. HD channels won’t cost you extra either. It’s a one-time purchase deal that grants you lifetime access to all the free channels broadcasted near you.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch your expensive cable TV subscription now. Enjoy live TV programming and save money with LiveWave Antenna.

What Do LiveWave Antenna Users Say?

“Livewave is a good product that actually does what it claims it would. It picks up a lot of good channels even without a signal amplifier. Great money saver as well. Definitely worth trying out.”

Michael Fuller

“Affordable, easy to figure out, and a very good antenna.”

Irene Jenkins

“Didn’t really think it would work and very surprised it did. Got about 40+ channels on the first scan and no problems so far.”

Ashton Davis

Very happy with my purchase. It’s way cheaper than getting an antenna and leagues cheaper than cable. It’s also easy to install which is a huge bonus.

Steve Holland

“I can’t believe I’ve been wasting money on satellite tv when I could have gotten the same number of channels with livewave antenna.”

Vengie Salas

“For great entertainment that’s light on the pocket, livewave is a great option. It’s cheap but works well.”

Jerry Wang


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What comes with an order of LiveWave?
When you order from our website, you get the LiveWave Antenna along with a free cable cord for your TV.
2. Is it compatible with an Apple TV?
Yes, LiveWave is compatible with a wide range of screens and can work for both iOs and Android operating systems.
3. What channels can I get?
The channels you get will depend on what’s being broadcasted in your area. You may try looking them up through channel checking websites.
4. How do I get them in HD?
HD channels are subject to the availability of what is being broadcasted within your antenna range.
5. How to fix missing channels from the program list?
Reboot the system by disconnecting then reconnecting LiveWave. Then restart your TV screen and rescan for available channels.
6. Do I need a receiver box?
No, LiveWave can convert standard wires into antennas and receive broadcast signals on its own.
7. Can I use a different cable?
Yes, as long as the cable’s end is compatible with LiveWave.
8. Is it safe to use indoor use?
Yes. LiveWave is built with a special grounded circuit which prevents shocking or electrocution. It’s 100% safe for indoor use and around kids.
9. How do I order my very own LiveWave?
You may click one of the ORDER NOW buttons on this page or go to
  1. Stanley Winkle

    What is the range of this antenna? My closest broadcasting tv networks are 60 miles away.

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    What is the range?

  3. Alpha

    Will it work in rural areas?

  4. Nalani Satpaul

    Does livewave tv have starzz cinnimax showtime and hbo

  5. Wayne

    At what distance is Livewave effective? We live 100 miles from nearest tv stations. Will it work for us?

  6. Angela

    Has anyone used livewave in conjunction with a dvr

  7. Chris

    How do I track my order?


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