Classic movies are hard to find these days. It’s hard to find a clear and high definition copy on the Internet. That is because most of these films are not yet converted into a digital file. Lucky for us, the more famous classic movies are being turned into digital copies and can be watched in online streaming services.

 Hulu is an online streaming service much like its competitors such as Netflix and Prime Video. Overtime Hulu is stepping up its game and continues to upload more unique content to stand out above the rest. Every month new content is uploaded, whether it be new releases or old-time classics that still catch the attention of the audience. In this article, we have listed some classic films that you could watch on Hulu right now.

Heathers (1988)

Before the Plastics ruled the school in Mean Girls, there were the Heathers. Heathers is darker than dark comedy, it is directed by Michael Lehman and written by Daniel Waters. The film was also an adaptation from Heathers: The Musical. In the film, Veronica is a member of the most popular girl group. Three girls in the group are named Heather, whose behaviors are disapproved by Veronica. Veronica and her new boyfriend JD tries to confront the group. They accidentally poison the leader of the group and make it look like a suicide. Veronica finds out about this habit of JD, killing people that he does not like. He tries to stop JD all while dealing with the new leader of the group.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

You probably heard of Tim Burton and his crazy unique characters. There was a time back then where he would release cult stories, one after the other. Edward Scissorhands might be one of his most iconic characters to date. Even the younger generations know who this peculiar looking guy portrayed by none other than Johnny Depp. The film is about a peculiar invention by kindly inventor played by Vincent Price. Before the artificial man was finished, the inventor dies. Before dying, the inventor has made a freaking looking appearance on his last invention as he assembled scissor blades to be the man’s hands. The artificial man named Edward has no choice but to face the outside world. Edward is taken home by Peg, a suburban saleswoman with a kind heart. Edwards falls for Peg’s daughter. Even though he has a gentle nature and kind “heart”, his appearance makes it hard for people to accept him, making him an outcast.

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