We usually see great musicals that have graced the Broadway stages make its way to the big screen. Dreamgirls, Hairspray, Grease, West Side Story, and more have been so successful that Hollywood decided to make own adaptations to these wonderful stories. But something that you do not see quite as often is the other way around – a movie that turned into a stage musical. Sometimes a production house just sees the potential of a movie and how it can be adapted to the theater stage, they make one! In this article, we have listed our favorite movies that have turned into musicals.

Legally Blonde

The lady in pink, Elle Woods has conquered Harvard Law School, Washington DC, and even Broadway stage. Legally Blonde follows the story of sorority girl Elle Woods which was originally played by Reese Witherspoon in the movie. Elle enrolls into Harvard Law School to win her ex-boyfriend Warner back. Anyone who has watched this film would know Elle’s fashion sense, love for pink, iconic bend and snap, and of course her plot twist interrogation scene with Chutney. No one saw it was coming, the jury, the lawyers, the judge, everyone was shocked! The musical was produced in 2007 and had pre-tryouts in San Fransisco California before moving to Broadway in April. 

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is one of the most iconic teen comedies of the 2000s and it certainly belongs to our favorite list. It follows the story of home-schooled Cady Heron who is originally played by Lindsay Lohan in the movie. Cady must now face real high school and deal with bullies. The Plastics would always be our favorite mean girls who rule the school. The character of Regina George is so popular that real-life queen bees wish to be like her. Mean Girls is one of those movies that we never knew we needed a musical adaptation to. It is so fetch! The musical premiered in Washington DC in 2017 and found its way on Broadway in April 2018. 

Bring It On

Bring It On might be the most famous cheerleading movie ever produced. There have been sequels produced and we love all of them. The first film produced in 2000 found its way to the theater in 2011. Lin-Manuel Miranda might be famous for his amazing performances in Hamilton and In The Heights, but he has also contributed much in the production of this teen flick turned musical show. 

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