Twin movies are just a joy to watch. There is just something about them that makes for an overall entertaining movie. While the Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley have ruled over the twin movie category ever since they were little girls, there a lot more twin movies that have stood out. In this article, we have listed our favorite twin movies we recommend you watch.

The Parent Trap (1998)

The Parent Trap might be the best twin movie of all time. It triumphs over any twin movie that Mary-Kate and Ashley have done, well in our opinion. The story begins as Annie and Hallie, played by Lindsay Lohan, meets at a summer camp for girls. At first, they become arch nemesis but fate has it that they be stuck together and discover that they are in fact twins. They devise a plan to reunite their divorced parents who are living on opposite sides of the Atlantic. By switching places, they try to make their family whole again.

It Takes Two (1995)

One of the best Olsen twin movies out there is It Takes Two, a film starring the twins together with Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg. It Takes Two is a twin movie that follows the story of two kids who aren’t sister, but just the exact double. Alyssa is a lonely rich girl whose father Roger, is about to marry a gold digger. While Amanda is an orphaned tomboy who identifies a social worker, Diane, as her loved one. The two met a summer camp totally shocked by their similarities and decide to switch lives in the hopes of making Roger and Diane fall in love.

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)

Escape to Witch Mountain is not just an ordinary twin movie, it is also a fantasy film that follows the story of twins with incredible psychic powers. Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia Malone (Kim Richards) are psychic orphaned kids. When Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland) discovers the twins, he kidnaps them to use their powers for his own financial gain. The twins escape Bolt and meet Jason O’Day (Eddie Albert), a widower who is camping nearby. With O’Day’s help, they try to get far away from Bolt as possible and discover their mystical past. A remake of the film was made in 2009 with the title Race to Witch Mountain.

Twitches (2005)

What would you do if you discover that you actually belong to a royal family from another land? Oh, and you have magical powers too! Tia and Tamera Mowry play the roles of Apollo and Artemis, twins who reunite during their 21st birthday. They discover their otherworldly origins and must come back in order to save their magical land of Coventry. Are they powerful enough to face the forces of darkness?

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