It’s no question that a lot of viewers are consuming hours and hours of YouTube videos every day. With YouTube becoming the go-to site for video sharing it has also become a platform for creators to make content that are both educational and widely entertaining. Whether it’s about history or physics, you can learn something on YouTube that you normally don’t learn about in school. Here are some of the great channels that make learning much more fun.


Subscribers: 14 M

If you think History is a tiring subject and find yourself disinterested with textbook descriptions of historical figures, then you better watch out for epic rap battles of history. The channel has created the most viewed rap battles in YouTube. With the coolest crossovers between famous historical figures and pop culture icons being critical with each other. You can brush up on the historical references with each battle and maybe be more interested in doing the research behind it.


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This channel is for the constantly curious people who wants to learn more about how things work. From science and physics the channel produces fascinating videos that makes you learn something new each time. Each video takes on unusual topics on which you won’t learn about in school.


Subscribers: 11 M

If you like watching discovery channel, then here is a channel for you. The Slow Mo Guys Gav and Dan produce videos of their science experiments by capturing them in slow motion. You can look closely more closely at events that are too fast for the naked eye like what happens when bugs hit an electric zapper or what does paint on a speaker look like in 2500fps.


Subscribers: 3.8 M

YouTube has had its fair share of cool creators like this one, the backyard scientist. Hosted by Kev a mad scientist bent on making crazy science experiments come to life in his backyard. We can now learn how molten aluminum reacts when being poured to various substances and that’s plain chemistry. The experiments shown here are not suited for a classroom setting.


Subscribers: 1.3 M

If you need some extra information for your geography class, then Geography Now is your answer. This channel is it says the best source for learning about the world! Internationally recognized sovereign countries are explained from many standpoints (geographic, cultural, economic, historical) you name it and they release them in alphabetical order. It is one of those channels that makes learning about the world more digestible and less tedious.  

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