Despite the thousands of videos being published on YouTube every day, there are moments when interesting channels pop up in your recommendations. This is a list dedicated for some of those channels worthy of a like, share and subscription. Enjoy!

For the best stories

HiHo Kids

Subscribers: 1.9 M

HiHo Kids is a series channel from CUT that uploads a variety of shows where kids try and react to the different foods around the world plus shows like Kids meet where they talk with people with specific experiences. If you are a fan of reaction videos, then the HiHo Kids is a great channel to subscribe to.

Great Big Story

Subscribers: 3.1 M

The Great Big Story is one of those channels that produce the most interesting stories from around the world. It showcases great documentaries under 5 minutes and makes for an educational binge fest with categories ranging from Food, Travel, Sports, Nature and a whole lot of Adventure. There is something for everyone to watch and you can learn a lot from just one video.

The Infographics Show

Subscribers: 3.8 M

Features some of the most chilling stories about murder in bright colorful animation. It’s a channel for those seeking weird and wonderful stories that make you rethink of reality. While the stories can be crazy the animation is playful enough to make it safe for work.

For Music

Post Modern Jukebox

Subscribers: 3.7 M

Music Lovers out there should definitely check out this channel. It features vintage style covers of the latest music being blasted on the media. From your doo-wops to 1920’s jazz the channel has got it covered in the most sophisticated that will make you believe that their cover is better than the original.


Subscribers: 412 K

Another music channel that uploads great music covers featuring the 80s era. You have to listen to believe it because you just have been transported to an 80s prom dancing to the cassette album of Ariana Grande. It’s a refreshing take into the

For Cinema


Subscribers: 3.1 M

Movie buffs should subscribe to this channel because of the well-analyzed movie lists and reviews that they upload. From brilliant moments in the film to the top soundtracks of all time this channel puts out the best lists when it comes to film.  

Every frame a painting

Subscribers: 1.5 M

Another channel that showcases the best of film. Every frame a painting uploads video essays reviewing different movie directors and iconic film stars. Each video takes you into a more in-depth analyzation of the icons presented in the videos making you appreciate them even more.

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