If you are up for a good laugh you are in for a treat. Prime Video has been stepping it up when it comes to the shows they put into their library. There has been a lot of competition in the streaming services industry lately which is why companies try their very best to be as unique and as original as possible. If you want to know the best comedies available on Prime Video, then keep on reading.

Here are the best comedies on Prime Video.

Red Oaks

Red Oaks is a comedy web television show set in the 1980s starring Craig Roberts as the show’s protagonist David Myers. The show revolves around the life of David as he begins to work fora New Jery Country Club called Red Oaks. the show features aspects of David’s life such as adolescence, creating relationships, friendships, socioeconomic mobility, and his pursuit of happiness. All of which happen in rather comedic circumstances.

Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords is a comedy television series which is sort of a reality show as well, but not really. This is because it features a two-member New Zealander band with the same name, Flight of the Conchords. It was first aired on HBO on Jue 17, 2007. The show follows the story of the two-man band as they find fame and success in New York City. Although the show features real-life duo Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, they play fictionalized versions of themselves in the show.


Transparent is a show like no other show before. The creators of the have found humor in a man’s late realization about his gender, and the viewers ate it up. The show revolves around the lives of a Los Angeles family and their hurdles, struggles, and acceptance regarding their father’s transition. Morty, the father of the family, came out as a trans woman and it is not really a pleasant surprise to his her three adult children.

Green Wing

Green Wing is a hit British TV show that has garnered awards. It is set in the fictional hospital of East Hampton. It features the funny staff where their interest in medicine is not as half as their interest in each other.

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