The Big Apple has always been a Hollywood favorite for setting blockbuster films. Seems like whenever a disaster hits the world, New York is one of the favorite places where destruction comes. New York is a big place but there is a specific place that has become an icon over the years, The Plaza Hotel.

Eloise at The Plaza is one of the many reasons why the hotel has become very famous. It is based from Kay Thompson’s stories about a precocious girl who lives at The Plaza. In 2003, a film was adapted from Thompson’s, featuring young Sofia Vassilieva as the mischievous and irresponsible Eloise. Eloise at The Plaza is only one of the few films that were set in this historic hotel. In this article, we have listed other films that were set at The Plaza Hotel.

North By Northwest 1959

North By Northwest is the film where The Plaza Hotel had its big screen debut. It was the first film set in the hotel. The film follows the story of an advertising executive as he goes on the run because a group of foreign spies suspects that he is a government agent. One of the notable scenes in this film is where Cary Grant gets kidnapped at the Oak Bar, but he escapes through the fifty-ninth street entrance.

The Way We Were 1973

The Plaza Hotel Entrance started it all for Katie (Barbara Streisand) and Hubbell (Robert Redford). It was where their love story started. This romantic comedy is about how to seemingly incompatible couple had a love-struck for each other even though they have different political views.

Home Alone 2 1992

The first Home Alone movie was great, but a second movie set in The Plaza Hotel was just even better. The 1992 blockbuster film features Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) as he stays all by himself at the prestigious The Plaza Hotel.

Bride Wars 2009

Although the bulk of the movie was filmed at The Plaza’s sister property, The Fairmont Copley Plaza, this film is still all about the original iconic hotel. Bride Wars is about the best friend turned nemesis story between Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as they plan their perfect wedding. They both wish for the Plaza Hotel, but due to conflict, they both had the wedding on

the same day. Yikes. The final scene was shot at The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel.

The Great Gatsby 2013

This film was based on the novel of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The climactic scene of this film was set in The Plaza Hotel. A lot of people do not realize it but The Plaza Hotel actually signifies a huge role in the movie’s theme.

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