Storytelling would not be complete if not for the location, wardrobe, accessories, and the whole design aesthetic. Costume design can really dictate the tone of the overall movie. It is one of the few tangible parts that the audiences can relate to when watching a movie. It represents when and where the story took place. The context of the story can change if the costume design is inaccurate. Which is why a lot of detail is put into it. 

Fashion is different in every decade. Women in the 40s wore clothing that was more boxy than usual. This was to for them look more masculine because they were the ones that had to be in the workforce while their husbands were away. The 50s came and everything shifted. Women wore hyper-feminized clothing thanks to designer Christian Dior who designed outfits that would exaggerate the female assets such as the hips and breasts. In this article, we have listed the movies on Netflix with the most distinct fashion style and costume design. 


Christina Aguilera and Cher team up to make this one hell of production come to life. The costume design of this film is truly remarkable. Each number that the performers wear on stage fit accurately to the songs that they lip sync with. The sequin dresses, satin lingerie, and shiny heels just make a huge difference. One of the standout pieces in this film is the pearl-studded lingerie-dress that Christina wore in a number. 

The Danish Girl

This film definitely relies on the wardrobe department heavily to convey its story. The film follows the story of Lili Elbe and her process of transitioning. The film was based on a real-life story in the 1930s which is why it is important that the costume design establish this element of the story. 

The Help

The Help is a film that has received a lot of good reviews because of the tear-jerking story and impeccable cast of actors who starred in it. The film was set in the early 60s. The wardrobe department did not fail to distinguish between the classes with great pieces of clothing. 

The Princess Diaries 2

The Princess Diaries 2 is a Disney-favorite that we would always enjoy watching. Princess Mia’s story is surely something out of a fairytale book that we’d all wish we had too. Her closet was also something that we all envied too! The closet scene when Queen Clarisse unveils the mall-like walk-in closet for Mia was just to die for! 

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