If you like good drama and sass, then there’s a chance you have probably watched and rewatched these shows back to back. That’s not saying much when there’s a lot of gag-worthy and memorable moments to be found in these shows. They all have the quality of good reality television, they got drama, comedy, outlandishness and a whole lot of attitude. And that’s what makes them really entertaining and ignite the queen in all of us. These shows have been so successful and have captured viewers worldwide and you need to see why.

America’s Next Top Model

Models have one of the most competitive jobs in the world and this talent search for the next top model clearly showcases that. Starting back in 2006 a group of 10 to 16 girls has to face off and prove their worth to be the next top model. They must survive a series of photo shoots, makeovers, unique challenges, and their own drama to come up to the top. With Tyra Banks as the iconic judge and executive producer, the show has gained 24 seasons as of 2018. It has also been adapted to numerous countries around the world. From Asia, Europe, and Australia the show has produced one of the most sought-after models.  

RuPaul’s Drag Race

One of the most gag-worthy shows to ever be broadcasted worldwide. RuPaul’s Drag Race takes the underground culture of drag into a worldwide phenomenon capturing thousands of fans and take it into the mainstream. It has won primetime Emmy awards and that’s only a part of why it is so iconic. It has introduced us to many iconic queens and moments that will really be remembered in Drag’s herstory. In RuPaul’s Drag Race anyone can achieve drag stardom, but every contestant has to Lip-sync for their Lives and wins challenges to become a worthy Drag Superstar. Those who didn’t win can have a chance to redeem themselves by being a part of a season of Drag All-stars. So there are more stunning seasons to watch.

Project Runway

This show proves that the fashion industry can be a reality TV competition because the process behind the makings of a couture line can be entertaining.  Around 12 to 20 hopeful designers have to compete in a series of outlandish challenges to earn a cash prize, a mentorship and to be displayed on Elle Magazine. There is a lot of designer’s eager who need that kind of exposure and experience to launch their career. That’s why the contestants really have to bring their A-game to the table and get to the top. Aside from experienced designers, the show also made its way to aspiring designers from ages 13 to 17 to compete in their own season called Project Runway: Junior.

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