Some of the best photo editing apps today are Photoshop, Lightroom, Hypetype, SNOW, Facetune and more are just about giving you the best Instagram worthy shots. They will make you look like a celebrity and make your Instagram feed look great, but do you remember those photo editing apps online that will tell you which celebrity you look like? Those websites were so popular during the early days of Facebook. You can see everyone trying it out and sharing the results they got. In the past years, photo editing websites of that nature were not really the buzz. Everyone thought they were uncool. But now, last year or so, they have been booming again. Yes, they look poorly made and quirky but there just something about them that gets you hooked. In this article, we have listed the best and funniest photo editing websites you should give a try. They may not give the best Instagram worthy photos, but they sure will give you a good laugh or so.

My Heritage

It probably is the most popular form of editing back then. Want to know which celebrity you look like? Then go on and head to the My Heritage website. The website uses face recognition technology and makes your face resemble the face of a celebrity. It does not just make your face resemble a celebrity, it also generates a video of how your face can morph into a celebrity’s face.


Want to know if a certain hairstyle fits your face? You do not need to go to the salon to see if it works for you, all you need to do is visit Hair Mixer. The website shows you a wide range of hairstyles and lets you choose which one that you think will fit your style.


This form of editing was also popular back in the day, but you can’t see anyone using it nowadays and posting it as their default picture on Facebook. AnyMaking is a free photo editing software that lets you transform your photo into an impressive artwork. You can choose from different effects such as Pencil Drawing, Old Photo, Cartoon Effect, Gritty, Shine, and more. Make your photo look like a painting to feel like you are in the early 2000s again.


Hetemeel is a photo editing websites that gives you access to tons of existing photos. The photos in their archive are usually serious photos that you can edit and input funny texts.

Festisite Money

Want to see your face on a dollar bill? You do not have to be president for it to happen. Festisite Money just lets you do that. You can even access money from different countries!

In 20 Years

The name gives it away already. This type of editing was also popular back in the day. In 20 Years generates what would you look like in your old age. With the great morphing technology they have, you can really see the creative old-face generation.

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