Netflix is the home to a lot of great content and the viewers are not complaining. Every day it seems like new content gets uploaded and they just keep on coming. Netflix has old classic content such as hit TV shows like Friends, How I Met Your Mother and more. It also has classic movies that never fail to entertain. But what makes Netflix stand out above the rest is its original content that you can’t get anywhere else. In this article, we have listed the Netflix originals coming your way in June 2019.

Malibu Rescue: The Series

Malibu Rescue already had a movie released last month, but Netflix is eager to make this to become an even bigger hit by releasing a television series as well. Malibu Rescue: The Series is scheduled to be released on June 3rd. The show is about two groups of kids who are against each other to find out who reigns supreme at Malibu Beach.

Black Mirror (Season 5)

This dark -toned science fiction anthology never failed to amaze us with its epic plots and great cinematography. The television series is going to have three new episodes and are scheduled to come out on June 5th. Fans cannot wait to see big stars such as Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, Nicole Beharie, Ludi Lin, and many more.

Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston made a big hit when they were put together in Just Go With It. Fans are expecting that they will make a great movie again when they come back in Netflix original Murder Mystery. This movie will be Adam Sandler’s fourth exclusive film for Netflix. Anniston and Sandler play husband and wife, they travel to Europe for a getaway. When they get invited to a dinner, a subsequent murder occurs which makes them prove their innocence. The movie is going to be available on June 14th.


There has been an increase in Indian series in recent years because of the huge increase of subscribers in the region. Leila is an Indian series that was announced way back February of last year. It is based on the story of Prayaag Akbar. The story follows a Shalini woman and her search for her lost daughter who was taken upon her arrest years ago.

Jo Koy Stand-up Special

Netflix is the home to many stand-up comedy specials which is why it is no surprise that a new special is coming our way this month. Jo Koy has already had a Netflix special back in 2017 and it features anecdotes of him when he was a teenage boy and being raised by a Filipino mother. While there is no exact date yet when the special will be released, one thing for sure is that we know Jo Koy will not fail to make us laugh with his anecdotes.

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