Nowadays more and more films are being based on young adult fiction. From the usual coming of age dramas to apocalyptic adventures, the popularity of these films has grown a lot thanks to social media.  For the moviegoers who haven’t read the books and those who did can share the experience of watching the events unfold. Though film adaptations are a hit and miss situation there are some hidden gems that truly captured the essence of the book and can also be thoroughly enjoyed by moviegoers. Here are some of our top picks:  Top 5 Coming of Age Film Adaptations You Should Add in Your Watchlist

1. Perks of Being a Wallflower

This is a great coming of age film for the wallflowers in the world. This is the tale of Charlie as he goes through his freshman year while he meets with the free-spirited seniors Sam and Patrick who changes his life for the better. It’s a mildly depressing film which has its tunnel moments and it doesn’t sugarcoat high school and it explores the development of their characters really well. It’s a classic.

2. To All the Boys I Loved Before

From a series of books by Jenny Han the first film adaptation introduces us to Lara Jean’s love letters in a fantastic way. A lot of teen romance fans can agree that this is one of the best films in recent times which is a good thing because these cases can get bad real fast. Thankfully its very well received and Lara Condor’s portrayal was superb. Overall, it’s a sweet teen romance film perfect for movie nights.

3. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

A thoughtful film based on the book of Jesse Andrews explores the friendships of Greg, Earl, and Rachel who is diagnosed with cancer in their senior year. This film is both funny and makes you cry in the corner after the film has ended. Greg and Earl find a way to pay tribute to Rachel which is one of the best parts of the film and you don’t want to miss it.

4. The Spectacular Now

Based on the book by Tim Tharp this film is about the popular boy meeting the introverted girl and not the other way around. The cast delivers a great performance and the love story is both relatable, poignant and doesn’t exaggerate anything. Sutter and Aimee’s romance is a breath of fresh air from the usual cliched teen romances depicted in films. This film has character development which is brilliant and what makes it great to watch.

5. Love, Simon

This film is a great love story hidden behind the blog of Simon Spier. Adapted from a book by Becky Albertalli, the film is about the trials and tribulations of Simon as he figures out how to let the truth out and to find the one he has been chatting up online. It’s a celebration of being who you are and having the courage to accept it. Love, Simon is a coming of age story that speaks for those who need a voice to come out.

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