Food videos have become viral over recent years. There have been videos on Facebook and other social media that showcase quick recipes that leave us all hungry. Most of these videos are usually just seconds to a minute long and are fast-forwarded so we can see the whole process. They are mesmerizing and fun to watch, but nothing really beats a good old cooking show.

Cooking shows date back years ago. With the help of technology, a lot of chefs and celebrities now host their cooking show on the most popular media sharing service, YouTube. Today, there are thousands of cooking channels on YouTube and no one is complaining. Everyone loves food and we can really learn a lot from different people. It is just hard to pick channels where you can get the best recipes and best advice about cooking. In this article, we have listed our top picks for the YouTube channels that you should subscribe to if you love cooking.

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish is just one of the two YouTube shows that Andrew Rea hosts. The other shows that he has is Basics with Babish which is also a fun show to watch. Binging with Babish is a cooking show that features food from pop culture. Although the food featured in this show might not be the ones that we are used to cooking every day, a lot of cooking techniques can still be learned. Basics with Babish, on the other hand, shows you the fundamentals of cooking like what the name suggests. It shows you the foundations you need to know if you want to be a great cook.

Bon Appetit

If the name doesn’t suggest that you are in for a treat, then what will? Bon Appetit is an American magazine that features cooking and entertainment. It then started a YouTube channel that is booming now more than ever. 60 years after its founding, Bon Appetit is still relevant and successful because its writers and editors know what they are doing. They publish great content and the audience just keeps getting hooked. The YouTube channel features a mix of the traditional step by step cooking that is easy to follow for beginners out there, with a mix of some mini-series of how-tos and other gimmicks.


Everyone has probably seen a Tasty video, even if do not know that it is from Tasty. Tasty is Buzzfeed’s video publication department dedicated to having food as its only content. Tasty is the one behind those viral short videos you see on Facebook that lets your mouth water. Their content can go from easy-to-make college from foods to exquisite gourmet dinner recipes. There is no doubt that anyone can make great dishes, but what makes Tasty standout above the rest is how their producers think of recipes that for sure would go viral. Their cinematography is also superb which makes their videos so fun and mesmerizing to watch.

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